About Us
Dr. Stark began his photography experience while attending Rapid City High School located in Rapid City, SD, taking three years of photography classes, serving as one of Rapid City High School's yearbook photographers and plying his photographic skills around the school campus and in the darkroom.

Later, while in the US Navy serving aboard the nuclear fast attack submarine, USS Scamp (SSN-588), and stationed in the Western Pacific, he invested in several high-end cameras to continue building his photography skills. Then in the 1990's he branched into video photography and DVD production, shooting high quality videos and then processing them with the latest computer software. Today, he has a full complement of computer photo studio software, printers and DVD burners to master custom CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs.

Virtual Memory Pix & Vids (VMP), home ported in the Las Vegas Valley, was founded in 2003 by Dr. Stark, a military veteran and professional photographer who served aboard a nuclear fast attack submarine during the Vietnam War.

Virtual Memory Pix & Vids rose out of the need for WWII and Vietnam Submarine Veterans to have a picture of themselves with their boats, (most of which were decommissioned, sunk, lost, scrapped or turned into museum boats decades ago). Virtual Memory Pix began by providing these virtual pictures during a bi-annual reunion of the USS Scamp SSN-588 crew and later at the United State Submarine Veterans' Annual Convention.

Virtual Memory Pix continues with its booth at the Sub Vets convention. Our main products are superior quality group reunion pictures and 5x7 color virtual pictures displayed a cardboard frame with foil-embossed gold or silver submarine dolphins (the symbol of a US Submariner). Unique to these virtual pictures is the FREE mini CD given to each customer with the digital art they have purchased. This art can be used to print additional pictures, make Christmas cards, or to just have.

Growing from these simple military roots, Virtual Memory Pix & Vids has now expanded into many more photographic and video graphic services, including wedding photography and videography, anniversary celebrations, group pictures, group fundraisers and photo restoration.

Another service offered is professional website design and launching for nonprofit organizations and veteran-owned Small Businesses. We build professional and dynamic websites on a shoestring budget.

Just because our roots are in honoring submarine veterans, this no longer means we work exclusively with military groups. Please keep us in mind when you are planning that wedding, special anniversary celebration, anniversary milestone gift DVD, group reunion or non-profit fund raiser. Everyone loves a Virtual Memory Pix photo or video!

We welcome your calls, e-mails and comments. Here is our contact information.