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Weddings and Receptions
Weddings and Receptions can be a challenge at best. With a 2-camera option, action can be captured from different directions.

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Anniversaries and Celebrations
Anniversaries, Birthdays, Celebrations, and Family Gatherings can all be captured best through Photos and Video on Custom DVDs with active Video Memory Walls.

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Group Photos
Group Photos with every face seen, all eyes open, and everyone looking at the camera! Using multiple exposures, facial features can be moved to make one bright and beautiful group photo.

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Submarine Veterans and WWII Heros
Submarine Veterans - The Silent Service. Virtual Memory Pixs began at a national convention of the United States Submarine Veterans in San Diego. Here's pictures of our heros from many conventions.

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Restoring Old Photographs
Using several photo restoration programs, old photos can be brought back to life and enjoyed all over again.

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Website Design, Create, and Launch
For a small, one person operation, many many websites have been designed, created and launched. Unfortunately, about half of the created websites are no longer on the web. Too Bad - they were great sites!